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                Des And Nick, We had a great time and both feel that despite the marvelous weather we would have enjoyed it as much if it had been cold and wet.  So no complaints.  James and Romy When can we book for next Spring? Thanks Des, Great weekend learnt a lot! Just left review on Google for you. Coastal skipper next year????? Let me know the any delivery trips. Andrew Dear Des, thank you for a marvelous sailing course for both my son and I, it was so inspiring, I think I will have to … Read More

El Capitano’s page

Re Posted 07-01-18 Check the link below for El Capitanos Vessel handling tips pre season.       Re Posted 07-01-18 What is his Fog Signal? (all sounded on the ships whistle and at 2 minutes except for a vessel at anchor and aground which sound their fog signal not exceeding 1 minute) —————————————————– A power driven vessel sounds either 2 Prolonged blasts if Underway or 1 Prolonged blast if Making way ——————————— A hampered vessel sounds 1 prolonged blast followed by 2 short blasts (Morse “D”) ————————————————————————— A boat being towed sounds 1 prolonged blast followed by 3 short … Read More