PRACTICAL COURSE DATES FOR 2020  COMPETENT CREW AND DAY SKIPPER DATES CAN BE STRAIGHT 5 DAYS OR SPLIT OVER 2 WEEKENDS BY TAGGING A FRIDAY ONTO ONE OF THEM OR 3 SATURDAY/SUNDAY WEEKENDS  WEEKENDS:  6/7/8TH – 14/15th – 21/22nd – 27/28/29th March  4/5th – 10/11/12th – 17/18/19th – 24/25/26th April  2/3rd – 9/10th – 15/16/17th – 22/23/24th – 30/31st May  6/7th – 12/13/14th – 19/20/21st June  18/19th – 25/26th – July  1/2nd – 7/8/9th 15/16th – 21/22/23rd – 29/30th August  4/5/6th – 11/12/13th – 19/20th – 26/27th September  2/3/4th – 10/11th – 16/17/18th – 23/24/25th October  31st Oct + 1st November … Read More

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019

Hi Des, Jen and I would like to thank you, and especially John our instructor for the enjoyable time that we have had this last week. We were impressed by the standards of safety and teaching competence that we experienced, but realise that there is still much to learn. Terry & Jen Dear Des and Nick, Just a quick note in response to your request for feedback on the Day Skipper course. I found the whole experience very testing, as it is meant to be, fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. All this is due in no small part to your and … Read More

El Capitano’s page

Re Posted 07-01-18 Check the link below for El Capitanos Vessel handling tips pre season.       Re Posted 07-01-18 What is his Fog Signal? (all sounded on the ships whistle and at 2 minutes except for a vessel at anchor and aground which sound their fog signal not exceeding 1 minute) —————————————————– A power driven vessel sounds either 2 Prolonged blasts if Underway or 1 Prolonged blast if Making way ——————————— A hampered vessel sounds 1 prolonged blast followed by 2 short blasts (Morse “D”) ————————————————————————— A boat being towed sounds 1 prolonged blast followed by 3 short … Read More