CSS LogoWe do not advertise Practical course dates because simply it would go out of date by the time we had up dated it every day! And the availability and places for each course would have to be changed daily, it may end up disappointing you.

Therefore we just ask you to call or email or text us for availability for the course/s you wish to attend, or even give us your preferred dates we will try to fit you in on those.

Dates for Shore based Theory Courses:

Our shore-based courses run throughout the winter months.

RYA Day Skipper and Coastal skipper/Yachtmaster class room theory courses are available as either:

  • a 5-day intensive courses over 5 consecutive days (Monday to Friday) or
  • a 5 day intensive course over two weekends a Fri/sat/Sun and Sat/Sun

Please contact us for availability. The price is £395.

Choose from the following dates:

November 2015: 2nd for 5 days – 16th for 5 days or weekends 21/22nd + 27/28/29th.

December 2015: 7th for 5 days or weekends 4/5/6th + 12/13th.

January 2016: 11th for 5 days –  18th 5 days or weekends 8/9/10th  + 16/17th.

February 2016: 9th for 5 days – 15th for 5 days or weekends 19/20/21st + 27/28th.

March 2016: 14th for 5 days or weekends 4/5/6th + 12/13th.

Or do it on line!