Day Skipper (Canary Wharf) Evenings September 14-21-28 October 5-12-19 November 2-9-16-23 December 7 & 14th. Day Skipper (City) Evenings September 22-29 October 6-13-20 November 3-10-17-24- December 1-and 8th.


PRACTICAL COURSE DATES FOR 2020  COMPETENT CREW AND DAY SKIPPER DATES CAN BE STRAIGHT 5 DAYS OR SPLIT OVER 2 WEEKENDS BY TAGGING A FRIDAY ONTO ONE OF THEM OR 3 SATURDAY/SUNDAY WEEKENDS  WEEKENDS:  6/7/8TH – 14/15th – 21/22nd – 27/28/29th March  4/5th – 10/11/12th – 17/18/19th – 24/25/26th April  2/3rd – 9/10th – 15/16/17th – 22/23/24th – 30/31st May  6/7th – 12/13/14th – 19/20/21st June  18/19th – 25/26th – July  1/2nd – 7/8/9th 15/16th – 21/22/23rd – 29/30th August  4/5/6th – 11/12/13th – 19/20th – 26/27th September  2/3/4th – 10/11th – 16/17/18th – 23/24/25th October  31st Oct + 1st November … Read More

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020

A great big thank you to Crouch Sailing School for a fabulous weekend where our children, Brendon (10yrs) and Hermione (8yrs) achieved their RYA Start Yachting Certificates. Everything was wonderfully organised by Des and we had a great instructor in Nick. Both children were spellbound throughout the course, where, after a through safety briefing, they managed to steer a 36ft yacht under sail and power. They learned the knots needed for operations on board and for securing the boat. Nick was so much calmer than my wife and I were about letting them control the vessel, even in some relatively … Read More

El Capitano’s page

Re Posted 07-01-18 Check the link below for El Capitanos Vessel handling tips pre season.       Re Posted 07-01-18 What is his Fog Signal? (all sounded on the ships whistle and at 2 minutes except for a vessel at anchor and aground which sound their fog signal not exceeding 1 minute) —————————————————– A power driven vessel sounds either 2 Prolonged blasts if Underway or 1 Prolonged blast if Making way ——————————— A hampered vessel sounds 1 prolonged blast followed by 2 short blasts (Morse “D”) ————————————————————————— A boat being towed sounds 1 prolonged blast followed by 3 short … Read More