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Thanks Des. Had a great week and especially enjoyed the sail today with more wind. Martin Coastal skipper Hi Des, Jen and I had a great 3 days finishing our Comp crew course with you guys, conditions we challenging, we learn a lot and exactly what we needed, boat handling and mooring tuition was excellent, will recommend you. Antony and Jennifer, Hi Des,Thanks so much for a great day sailing. I am looking forward to the 9th, and have already decided to buy a boat..Cheers, Steve Nick thanks for a great 2 days this weekend … we learnt a lot. The … Read More

El Capitano’s page

Re Posted 07-01-18 Check the link below for El Capitanos Vessel handling tips pre season.       Re Posted 07-01-18 What is his Fog Signal? (all sounded on the ships whistle and at 2 minutes except for a vessel at anchor and aground which sound their fog signal not exceeding 1 minute) —————————————————– A power driven vessel sounds either 2 Prolonged blasts if Underway or 1 Prolonged blast if Making way ——————————— A hampered vessel sounds 1 prolonged blast followed by 2 short blasts (Morse “D”) ————————————————————————— A boat being towed sounds 1 prolonged blast followed by 3 short … Read More